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Nothing like laying in a hammock or beach lounger with a good book to take you away, especially during this time of isolation.
Try one of my eBooks for now. Images of my tropical paradise.  They are on 50%  SALE until you can again visit your favorite bookstore. 

Order via PayPal from me:    $5 USD

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Walking Puerto Vallarta covers nine neighborhoods including
popular El Centro, Gringo Gulch, El Tuito, and Yelapa.  Almost
200 full-color photos of local scenes and the daily lives of those
who live there accompanied by a brief introduction of each area.
Tropical Plants of Puerto Vallarta has sold over 1200 copies
in soft-cover since its publication. The book is cleverly arranged
by a color index for easy identification of flowers, trees, and palms. 
With over 200 full-color photos, each plant’s information
includes their names (Spanish, English, botanical), common
names, description, medicinal, and folkloric uses in Mexico.

Other Books

From time to time I run across an interesting book as I research my stories. These are cultural in content and cover all subjects related to indigenous art, architecture, history, music, textiles, history, food, and so forth. I will post these here. Keep checking back!

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
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