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Alberto the Whimsical Artist

A sea serpent rises out of the water just behind the four arches, spitting at pedestrians; a mangy street dog drives a Volkswagen along the street in front of the Guadalupe Church; pigeons gossip in the plaza. These are some of the unique pastel drawings of Alberto Chalico as he sits in his open-air studio in Parque Hidalgo at the north end of the Malecon. You can’t miss him as his three rescue dogs are relaxing close to their master while he sits drawing scenes of the local surroundings.

Alberto is a very interesting guy. You never know who a person is until you start talking with them. And it turns out, Alberto has a background that would amaze many of us. He studied architecture in Mexico City where he worked on renderings. His skill is obvious in the perspective and detail found in his drawings.

He eventually decided being an architect was not for him. He explained to me he did not want the responsibility of making something stand in the world of objects when he could make an impression stand in the world of thought and imagination. So, he struck out for the open road to find life and a way to combine his love of painting with his architectural background.

In Queretaro, he began to make a name for himself as a muralist, decorating walls and doorways with small detailed pictures and some larger murals. He collected stray dogs along his way eventually landing in Guadalajara. Here he continued to find work as a muralist and creator of animal portraits. He and his dogs lived where they could, sometimes on the streets, while he continued to draw to make money.

My eyes went wide when he told me he decided to leave Guadalajara about six months ago to walk to Puerto Vallarta. Yes, he walked here on the advice of a friend who thought he might like this friendly town since he found Guadalajara to be unsafe for him and his little companions. Can you imagine walking here with three dogs??

These times have been hard for folks like Alberto who are trying to make a living as street artists. He has one commissioned mural here so far. Alberto will draw any picture you like in color or black and white either in person or from a photograph. A recent sketch of himself and his dogs is quite charming. Have him draw you with your family pet! He will be most grateful for your interest and your support.

You can see more examples of Alberto’s art on Facebook: Arte Fino Mural

He can be reached on WhatsApp: +52 442 106 0744 or by email:

Alberto Chalico, Parque Hidalgo, afternoons and evenings, usually 5-9.

*Thanks to my friend and author Sherry Frisch for helping with this story.

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