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Kitron Liqueur from Naxos

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

Ever been to the island of Naxos? While visiting the Greek Islands, my friend and I spent a few days there. The countryside interested us most…rolling hills, grazing sheep, groves of 100-year-old gnarly olive trees…and the little town of Hilke, best known for its delicious citrus Kitron liqueur. We stopped in at the small distillery for a tour and were met by a member of the Vallindras family who have been producing Kitron liqueur for five generations.

Small but fascinating, we first entered the greeting area where tastings and sales take place. Then on to the distillery, a true step back in time, as we viewed the ancient yet traditional equipment used during the distilling and aging process.

Leaves from the Greek citron tree are harvested in the fall when their essential oils are the most concentrated. Distillation takes place in copper stills over a wood burning stove, the final liquid aged in hand blown green glass bottles nestled in wicker baskets for protection. They offer three flavors…green, white and yellow of different alcohol and sugar content. Each was both fiery and velvety as samples slid down my throat. Reminded me of the Limoncello liqueur I tasted in Italy. Kitron is not only a delicious after dinner drink but also considered to aid digestion so we bought two bottles to consume later since we were driving a motorcycle over winding lanes and through hills that would lead us back to the main town of Naxos!

Click on these links for more information about Kitron or to read other stories of my cultural adventures. I visited eight Greek Islands in all so watch for more of my stories.

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