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Shining Sprouts

Sprouts have always fascinated me since my hippy days in Oregon when everyone was growing their own along with making yogurt, baking bread, and having an organic vegetable garden! Sprouts are loaded with nutrition and are easy to grow. If you’d rather not grow your own, stop in the Olas Altas Farmers Market on Saturdays in Puerto Vallarta and buy your weekly supply from Fabiola and Roberto.

They have been growing sprouts in their home and selling them at the market for over 10 years. A friend taught her to sprout while she was a local school teacher. Since working Monday through Friday during the day, Fabiola had to set up her sprout jars at night. During these early years, their son was a toddler and Roberto was a DJ and photographer for weddings. Now he is 15 and helps out while Fabiola and Roberto run their sprout business full time, taking a break in the hot summers to relax and travel.

Their name Shining Sprouts comes from the former manager of the Saturday Market who also suggested having the sprouts out to choose from, rather than in containers. This surprisingly increased their sales.

So, what kind of volume do these two sell? Before the pandemic, they sprouted 10 kilos of beans a week. Currently, it is down to 5. The three they use are lentil, fenugreek, and mung. Together these supply complete protein. They buy the beans from an organic supplier in Michoacán. Using large glass jars, the sprouts are started on Wednesday nights for the Saturday market in Vallarta and the Sunday market in La Cruz. The process starts again on Saturday nights to be ready for the Tuesday market in San Pancho.

They also make delicious basil dressing that they sprinkle on their sprout sandwiches. It takes 5 large bags of fresh local basil a week to make this dressing. The sprout sandwiches use local artisan bread and the blue corn tortillas with sprouts, cheese, avocado, and basil oil are delicious! Fabiola and Roberto feel strongly about supporting the other local vendors so they either buy or trade ingredients as needed.

Lastly, try their home-made natural insect repellent made from tea tree oil, clove, bay leaf, and aloe vera. It really works as they sell out on most days.

Find Shining Sprouts at Olas Altas Farmers Market, La Cruz Market, and San Pancho Farmers Market.

Contact them on their Facebook page:

Or by WhatsApp: +52 322 152 0903

For more of my stories and photos of local culture:

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4 comentarios

Aldijoy jackson
Aldijoy jackson
30 ago 2022


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Thank you once again!

Me gusta

Wendy Baker
Wendy Baker
16 ene 2021

Same here. Too easy to have Whole Foods deliver. But I do sometimes grow sunflower sprouts. Love them so much and I want the grandkids to know how to do it.

Me gusta

Sandra Cesca
Sandra Cesca
15 ene 2021

Hi Wendy, do you still grown your own sprouts? I keep saying I should do this again, but it's too easy for me to buy from Shining Sprouts!

Me gusta

Wendy Baker
Wendy Baker
13 ene 2021

I love sprouts! Your pictures are gorgeous. Everything looks delicious.

Me gusta
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